The I-79 Technology Park has become the premier location for high priority Federal operations that require advanced electrical and telecommunications infrastructure.  In addition, Federal operations have found the I-79 Technology Park to be the ideal location for meeting the costly and complicated requirements of Continuity of Operations or “COOP” compliance.

While the cost and infrastructure advantages of locating operations at the I-79 Technology Park make it the absolute best choice, the fact that land for building sites are provided FREE of charge to select Federal operations make it impossible to justify going anywhere else.

The I-79 Technology Park is located within the heart of the I-79 High Technology Corridor just south of Fairmont, West Virginia. The location of the I-79 Technology Park places it within one day’s drive of 60% of the U.S. population and some of the Nation’s largest cities including New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.