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At The EdVenture Group, we believe in building better minds and achieving better results. Our team facilitates one client success after another by creating and delivering customer-specific solutions through our three core services of Consulting, Professional Development and Training, and Curriculum Development.

For more than a decade, The EdVenture Group has provided educational services to K-12 school systems in numerous states. Our professional development offerings for education focus on 21st century skills, technology integration, leadership, school culture, and student engagement. Through partnerships with thousands of school districts, individual schools, and educators across the country learning environments are enhanced by our customized techniques and strategies.

In addition to our educational services, The EdVenture Group provides the same high-quality consulting and training services to business including: leadership development, coaching, project management, public speaking, meeting planning, and meeting facilitation.

We pride ourselves on developing and delivering customized services that meet our clients’ specific needs. We thrive on building new partnerships with both schools and businesses through our tailored consulting services, training, and curriculum design work.

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