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Unleash the power of the story for your organization!

All enterprises want to move people. To buy a product, to give a donation, to improve safety performance, to do whatever it is more productively, and profitably.

Most take the conventional approach and try to persuade using facts.

But that’s only half the story—literally. Those who see their organizations take a vertical leap do it by moving beyond analysis.

They tell stories!

Stories have the power to galvanize an organization around defined business objectives. They can spark action, transmit values, foster collaboration. We can say so with authority. We’ve got shelves and shelves of supporting data because we’ve been focused on storytelling since 1987.

At MotionMasters. we’re passionate about telling stories — your stories!

We do it through videos, DVDs, commercials, print collateral, Web sites and streaming video from our offices in Charleston, WV.

With so many years of expertly crafting stories in every medium, we know that the perfect medium for your unique story depends on the message. And that the message depends on crafting a story that will make your target audience sit up and take notice — then act on the call to action.

Storytelling is an acquired skill. It takes talent, experience and expertise to make the story compelling and memorable. It takes a keen eye, a sharp ear and the ability to give your story a unique voice. MotionMasters has what it takes to tell your story—and tell it extremely well.

MotionMasters is your creative partner in telling tales in print and on film, video, the web, CD-ROM or DVD, and you’re in good company when you work with us. Hospitals, advertising agencies, tourism, higher education, financial institutions, government agencies and manufacturers…we’ve been showcasing our clients’ stories since our founding on Groundhog Day in 1987.

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