The High Technology Foundation, based in Fairmont, West Virginia, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization functioning as an engine of economic change for growing a statewide, regional and national high-tech business sector. We have established a multi-faceted approach to maximize economic development and commercialization.

Provide innovative, technology-based programs, products and services to the global marketplace.

A vibrant, national technology organization driven by knowledge, excellence and innovation with West Virginia values and global capabilities.  We do this by…

  • Performing technologies-based business development, from building new enterprises to helping customers thrive in the global marketplace.
  • Executing a full cadre of world-class commercialization products and services that bring forth productive results.
  • Being fully engaged in all aspects of innovative research and development from discovery to deployment.
  • Developing a state-of-the-art technology park and support infrastructure to foster an energetic community of innovative organizations and highly-skilled workers.
  • Hosting networking events and small business training programs.
  • Serving as a catalyst to diversify and strengthen the West Virginia economy and its technology-based workforce.
  • Demonstrating good stewardship and accountability in our support of federal initiatives and specific government work activities.
  • Setting the standard and being a showcase for other technology-driven organizations.