Power Electronics and Electromagnetics The High Technology Foundation Power Electronics and Electromagnetics team has developed specialized power converters under programs with the U.S. Army and the Department of Homeland Security. Experimental pulsed power devices have been developed for NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. A novel electromagnetic device has been developed with support from the Office of Naval Research. Laboratory facilities include more than 2000 square feet of space for diagnostic measurements, prototype development, and device characterization and testing. Test facilities include power stations for 3-phase AC power up to 300 kVA (continuous) and 800 kVA (short-pulse) at voltages up to 12,470 Volts. The team also utilizes our in-house electronics and machine shops as well as extensive fabrication facilities at the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing. Recent research and development areas include power converters for microgrids and distributed energy, utility-scale solid-state transformers for emergency response, high-power pulsed technology for large amplitude underwater acoustic generation, and electron source development for advanced microwave devices and particle accelerators.

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