234cdee57f4e043b9f03c736f59b896eThe High Technology Foundation Optics and Photonics team has a broad range of expertise in optical science and engineering, with current projects ranging from remote imaging and remote spectroscopic sensing, to optical communications. Laboratory facilities include more than 2000 square feet of optics lab space used for spectroscopic measurements, laser development, optics characterization, and electro-optics sensor assembly and testing, as well as 300 square feet of wet lab space for sample preparation. The team also takes advantage of our in-house electronics and machine shops, as well as large indoor and outdoor areas for long-range testing. Current research areas include long-range active SWIR imaging for nighttime human detection and face recognition, standoff detection and identification of explosives and chemicals using deep-UV laser excitation, and ultra-compact optical communications modules for aerospace networking applications.

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