“Development is defined as the process which something goes through to reach its full capacity or potential.”

At the High Technology Foundation we provide the tools, resources, expertise and networking connections which enable a start-up to enter the marketplace or help a small business grow and expand beyond their current limits.

The Affiliate Services Group is a membership organization providing the resources and benefits critical to the operational infrastructure of a business. Membership provides access to learning opportunities featuring distinguished guest speakers, networking and collaboration with the best and brightest in West Virginia’s technology industry, exclusive discounts on office and travel expenses, competitive health insurance, savings plans and so much more.

The INNOVA Commercialization Group promotes and fosters innovation and provides the resources to help a company with the strategic and business planning necessary to succeed. INNOVA works with selected companies to chart a set of strategies built around both the commercialization of the product or technology and the funding stream necessary to provide capital at each of the critical junctures in the development process. INNOVA is also recognized as a primary source of early stage investment capital in West Virginia.