ARTS II was the second generation ARTS and was engineered for NASA DFRC’s highly modified F-15B #837 aircraft. ARTS II was used on the aircraft for the Intelligent Flight Control Systems (IFCS) program. The IFCS program developed and flight-tested adaptive and fault-tolerant flight control systems leading to unprecedented levels of safety and survivability for both civil and military aircraft. The F-15B aircraft was retired in 2009.


For the F-15B aircraft, the WVHTC Foundation engineered, built, tested, and delivered:

  • 1 Flight Unit
  • 1 Flight-Equivalent Laboratory Units
  • 1 Portable Test Computer


A single ARTS II flight unit featured a ¾ ATR chassis with three single board computers, and a wealth of external I/O including 1553B, Ethernet, RS-422, RS-232 and analog. Additionally, each unit had 1 GB of on-board data storage capacity.

For ARTS II, the WVHTC Foundation developed and tested application software based upon requirements provided by NASA DFRC. The ARTS II application software performed similar tasks to those listed for the ARTS IV with one key difference; the ARTS II was not dual-redundant, thus voting of signals was not necessary.

The ARTS II flight units were environmentally certified to MIL-STD-810F (vibration, shock, and thermal) and MIL-STD-461E (EMI).

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