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There are industries so essential to our culture and everyday life, their continuation is secure.  These industries provide abundant opportunity to companies positioned to provide essential services through new products and support.  Industries like healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and textiles are examples.  Within these examples, the textile industry remains a keystone for the others and intrinsic to each as technological concepts do overlap from one industry to the other.  With this in mind, we see that the textile market will not only endure, it will evolve and thrive as the need for clothing, medical, and technical fabrics becomes more complex.  Like other vital industries, textiles retain the same fundamental processes that have existed for centuries, while continuing to demand more automation and improved processes.

Appalachian Electronic Instruments, Inc. (AEI), a West Virginia-based company, presented itself to this textile market in the late 1950’s as one of the first companies to fill the demand for technologically advanced quality control equipment applied to the process of making textiles. In the over six decades since, AEI has become a pioneer in so called “impossible” projects and leveraged its experience in textile equipment development and manufacturing to diversify into products ranging from life science/laboratory analyzers, locomotive replacement parts, mining equipment, and process control instrumentation.

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