Founded and deeply rooted in West Virginia, the Foundation’s commitment to the state is ever-present. Every High Technology Foundation employee understands and embraces this commitment as the key underpinning of our existence, as reflected in our actions.

Our focus on economic development in West Virginia is guided by a solid emphasis on diversifying and strengthening the economy in such areas as technology, entrepreneurship and homeland security. Although the nature of our work and the level of our expertise places us in national and international activities, our efforts will never waiver from the ultimate benefits we desire for West Virginia.

From our physical presence in various regions of the state to our interest in the entire state, we are steadfast in contributing to advancing technology, building new enterprises, expanding businesses and creating opportunities for West Virginians. Likewise, we take seriously our role of fostering collaboration and facilitating the work among existing organizations that contribute in a variety of ways to West Virginia’s economy and well-being.

Through sound leadership and planning, the Foundation strives to ensure long-term growth and sustainability, building a better, stronger, more prosperous West Virginia that instills pride in its citizens, offers a promising future for its youth and is recognized globally for its achievements.

A common thread through all of our work remains cultivating a positive image of West Virginia and its Appalachian heritage. Through incorporating our West Virginia values of integrity, excellence, service, teamwork, accountability and growth in all that we do, we pledge to make a significant difference for West Virginia and its citizens, today and tomorrow.