This amazing electrical infrastructure is only rivaled by the I-79 Technology Park’s telecommunications infrastructure.  In 2011, the park was expanded to include a gigabit speed communications infrastructure effectively making it a “GigaPoP” for Internet access.

One of the anchor tenants of the park, namely, the NOAA Environmental Security Computing Center (NESCC) had an ongoing requirement to transmit massive amounts of data and information around the world.  In addition to the gigabit speed infrastructure, operational connections were established with the country’s most advanced gigabit network, namely, Internet 2 Network, to help facilitate these collaborations. In addition, the park is an official node on NOAA’s 10GB N-Wave science network.

Expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure is scheduled to continue as part of NOAA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – R Series (GOES-R) program and the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) program.